Combine our online membership on "Recovering Your Golden Child" with our  our 3-day live Austin retreat this November or our Chanting Pilgrimage in India in January 2019 to study the  therapeutic power of Tantra and the Yoga of Sound.


Discover ways to tap healing through voice
Your Voice is the Barometer of Your Soul

  • Every condition of our soul can be known through the transparency that is inherent in our voice. You can know yourself more deeply through knowing your voice more deeply.
  • Different states of the self find their way into our voice. Consequently, we can cultivate states of self, empowered states in particular, through cultivating our voice.
  • Often we use our voice in limited ways. We can learn to expand our use of our voice to touch parts of ourselves inside that are often hard to reach in other ways.
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There's more to mantra than repeating words
Mantra is the mastery of sacred speech

  • Our entire system of education is designed to teach us how to understand and communicate on the conscious plane. We are under-equipped, even deterred, for anything deeper.
  • We want to be able to develop a form of speech that enables us to work with the subconscious as well as the supraconscious dimensions of the mind. Mantra as sacred speech allows us to tap the full spectrum.
  • The goal of Tantra is to be bilingual, to be skilled in the mastery of both regular speech as well as sacred speech, so that even regular speech becomes sacred.
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Meditation lays the ground for deeper exploration.
In Tantra, as in Yoga, the goal is absorption.

  • St. Anthony the great once said, "if you know you are praying, you are not praying". We can say the same of meditation. In Tantra we go deeper than meditation.
  • While meditation is always important, to manage stress, to remain mindful, Tantra Yoga takes meditation further into the cultivation of deeper states of union.
  • Tantric practices use meditation as the foundation to facilitate states of absorption, aka "samadhi", in which the total self is drawn into an experience of depth.
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Discover the Therapeutic Power of the Voice
The Yoga of Sound is for everyone, not just singers

  • People have peak experiences but are unable to sustain, deepen, recover them, or go further than what they experienced previously. This is because of wounds not fully addressed that can be addressed through the voice.
  • I teach a system in which healing ourselves through our voice is the spiritual process that addresses obstacles to enlightenment, sustaining its extraordinary states, or going further and deeper than before.
  • In this system, called "Recovering Your Golden Child", we understand and work with how the self is structured around wounds that affect our spiritual states. Our voice is a barometer of the self. We can know ourselves through our voice and so heal ourselves through it.
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Recovering Your Golden Child
How Tantra Can Transform Trauma

  • Tantra can offer us a way to heal our emotional wounds that are often formed in childhood, play a role in our sexual development, and cause problems in adulthood.
  • Tantra, in our approach, is most definitely about intimacy, except that it is not about sexual intimacy, which, though important, is not what you will learn.
  • Tantra, the way you will study it, is about intimacy with the Divine, and with your deepest self. It is about states of consciousness explored by non-ordinary knowing.
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My Personal Spiritual Practice

Since early this year, I have been recording my spiritual practice as I worked with transforming painful memories from childhood. Some of these are audio meditations; others are videos you can watch.

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Love Mysticism

This is one of most loved programs in our Yogic Mystery School. Love Mysticism touches upon the most important component of our humanity, relationship, as we enter into depth consciousness.

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The Yoga of Sound

Not only do you receive all 11 parts of my current understanding of the Yoga of Sound together with demonstrations of practice, I also introduce beginner and advanced methods you can practice yourself.

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Recovering Your Golden Child

This is a brand new program that we will be developing over the next few months with insights into how you can recover your inner beauty and innocence.

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Anatomy of the Self: Master Class

This insightful master class helps you understand the construct of what we call the "self", an important premise for the transformation we must all engage.

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The Tantric Path

For the past 34 years, ever since I became a monk, I have been practicing a gnostic form of Tantra known as Sri Vidya. In this series, I will be introducing aspects of this knowledge pertinent to our spiritual development.