This training is one-of-a-kind and likely the very best in the entire world. We don't state this lightly! We've streamlined and upgraded this training to accommodate all levels of students from various parts of the world, including a robust group of students from Holland. Although designed exclusively for westerners, this training is greatly appreciated by Indians who take it as well. It benefits mantra lovers and teachers,  business professionals, yoga practitioners and teachers, educators, meditation practitioners and teachers, and therapists of all persuasions. 

Combining personalized one-on-one training online in small groups with exclusive online tutorials you can acccess 24/7 from anywhere in the world, as well as download for offline access, this comprehensive One Year training establishes westerners with a proficiency in classic Yoga and Veda mantras. 

No prior knowledge of mantra or Sanskrit required. Excellent for meditators, yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, energy workers, healers, business professionals who wish to cultivate the art of the sacred speech to transform negative energy, develop a powerful aura and access higher states of spiritual consciousness.

Mantras as source of spiritual energy
(Sustain the Power) Step-by-Step Tutorials 

  • Start from the very basics of the Sanskrit language so you can learn how the  tongue positions that stimulate sensual awareness and trigger direct spiritual experience. Our tutorials are designed for the westerner.
  • Whether or not you have studied mantras before, our tutorials and our training is guaranteed to take you to a whole other level of chanting proficiency and an understanding of mantra that you will not come by in books, DVDs or on the internet.
  • What you learn with sacred speech transfers into your everyday speech. This training is so powerful that it will dramatically improve your everyday communication skills helping you bring more spiritual energy and higher consciousness into your work and relationships.
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One-on-One Coaching in Small Groups 
(Impact the World) Refine your Prounciation 

  • Unlike most mantra programs that sweep pronunciation under the rug, you will get to refine your pronunciation of mantras by receiving private attention in small groups so that you can tap the intended effects and benefits of mantras. When you incorrectly pronounce mantras, you change their meaning and therefore their effect. You really need to know the difference which you will in our training.
  • In contrast to being oblivious to incorrect pronunciation in your private practice, you are lovingly and expertly guided into the proper way of chanting Sanskrit mantras, a process that also lends authenticity to your spiritual practice and chanting. This is what makes this program so powerful. Be sure to include this component in your package by choosing the complete one year training.
  • When you chant mantras the proper way, there is an unmistakable sense of power and authenticity that simply does not happen any other way. When you discover this, you realize that the proper chanting of mantras helps you embody and channel a high level of spiritual consciousness not only for your own well being, but also for the well being of the world. Your effort bears fruit in your core relationships, too, rippling out into the world.
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Access content 24/7 from anywhere in the world
Everything stays loaded up for you online

  • Access powerful video tutorials that stream to your phone, computer or tablet device. These are exclusive and highly effective tutorials that cut to the chase drawing from almost 30 years of teaching experience at the highest levels of education in the United States and decades of music publishing with top notch record labels in the music industry.
  • Receive top-notch instructor support by being able to present your questions any time of the day or night using our in-built support form. Learning mantras the proper way will certainly bring up question so the high level of support we offer lets you present your questions from any part of the world at any time of day or night.
  • Support responses are formulated using text as well as audio and video so you actually receive comprehensive responses to your questions. In other words, the instructor can use multiple means to respond to you. Imagine receiving a response to your question in the form of a video! Isn't that pretty cool?
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Talina Madonna, L.M.T., Vocalist & Holistic Bodyworker ( 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in The Mastery of Mantra Training! Russill is an amazing teacher whose wisdom and pure essence shines through every aspect of the training process. For years I have been singing mantras as part of my meditation, yoga and self-healing practice. As a vocalist I've felt called to somehow incorporate mantra into my performances, but felt unsure of my understanding of the language and tradition. Through this study I'm awakening to the subtle magic of sanskrit and the traditional tones; along with powerful, ancient sound practices that are blowing my mind! I have begun to sing Kirtan and Mantra performances and have recently had the opportunity to do some recording. Most importantly I'm experiencing new depths in my spiritual practice as I devote more and more of myself to the sacred sound


Lisa Ferraro, New Jersey
Yoga and Mantra Teacher

"The Mastery of Mantra Training was invaluable for me to notice my habits and perfect my pronunciation. The inspirational talks by Russill opened me to the deeper meanings of the mantras. This guidance has enabled me to access deeper states of consciousness while chanting the mantras and beyond. I also loved joining with our wonderful community of students and looked forward to hearing them chant and talk of their experiences. I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful spiritual community."


Louissa Gabriel, B.C. Canada
Business Owner, Mantra Lover

"This course has been a very wise investment for my soul's journey! Live on-line sessions with Russill, along with close up video tutorials  where is easy to see the tongue positions  as Russill is chanting have made all the difference.  The transcendent  power of the mantras now reveal themselves at last, as the vehicles they are to communion with Source.  The more I practice the more tangible the sense of communion becomes."